What is special about watercolor paints?

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Watercolor paints are unique because they are a type of paint that is made with a water-soluble binder, usually gum arabic, which allows the pigments to be easily dissolved in water. This makes watercolor a highly versatile medium that can create a range of effects and textures, from translucent washes to bold, opaque areas of color.

Watercolor paints also have the ability to create a luminous and transparent quality, allowing the light to shine through the layers of color. They are also known for their unpredictability and the way the pigments can interact with one another on the paper, creating beautiful and unexpected results.

Another unique aspect of watercolor painting is the use of wet-on-wet techniques, where wet paint is applied to wet paper, allowing the colors to blend and mix in unpredictable ways. This technique can create beautiful and organic washes and gradients.

Overall, watercolor paints are a beloved medium among artists for their unique qualities, versatility, and the endless possibilities they offer for creative expression.

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