Note when using Soft Tiedown

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Soft Tiedown should pay attention to the appearance and weight of the vehicle during the binding process of the vehicle. Although Soft Tiedown can be used for the fixed use of the vehicle, it is necessary to confirm the fixed way first, and then select the appropriate tensioner specifications and models according to the fixed way. At present, the vehicle binding device is divided into two kinds: tire fixed and body fixed, and the tensioner that needs to be selected is not the same because of the different fixing methods.

When fixing vehicle tires, it is necessary to choose a Soft Tiedown with anti-skid strip, because it can place the loss of tire sliding, and when fixing, several tires of the vehicle need to be fixed, to avoid the appearance of transport due to road deviation caused by damage. When binding the body, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection of the vehicle. Because the binding of the tensioner is fixed directly on the car body, it is easy to injure the body, so it needs to be paid attention to.

Soft Tiedown should pay attention to the protection work when fixing the vehicle to avoid loss, because even if the damage force of the synthetic fiber binding is not big, but in the binding because of its force will cause scratches on the vehicle, so in order to reduce the loss of the goods tensioner should pay attention to, The use of cargo and vehicle binding tools should start from understanding their use methods and precautions to avoid losses and accidents caused by lack of information.

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