How do I select Kitchen Scissors

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In fact, when selecting Kitchen Scissors, we mainly focus on the following five aspects: blade length, handle size, material, screw tightness, and sharpness.

Length of blade

A long blade is easier to use than a short one. When cutting the ingredients, the blade is too short, it is easy to be stuck by the ingredients, and it is difficult to choose more than 6cm blade is the most appropriate.

Handle size

Fingers put in the handle with plenty of free movement, belongs to just the right size. If the handle is too small, it will not be able to exert force and can cause discomfort and pain in the fingers.


High carbon steel forging material belongs to the best, although the price is high, but can be used for more than 10 years. Stainless steel material is cost-effective, but the material is relatively hard as high carbon steel forging. Ceramic scissors can stay sharp for a long time, but they can't cut hard materials, the blade will crack, and more easily broken. General household Kitchen Scissors can meet their daily needs by choosing cost-effective stainless steel material. It is recommended to purchase according to their actual needs.

The tightness of the screws

The screw is put a pair of scissors on the shaft point. Before buying, you can ask the shop whether it can be cut, to test the feel. For professional chefs, every day to cook shrimp, crab, fruits and vegetables and other ingredients, scissors screw loose a little better. But if it is household, it is recommended to buy screws a little tighter, will be durable.


There are fine serrations on the blade, and the smaller the serrations, the stronger the sharpness. The teeth can catch fish, meat and other oily food, so that it is not easy to slip. The sharpness of domestic and imported Kitchen Scissors is different. The blade of domestic kitchen scissors is larger than that of imported ones, so it is smooth to use and feels good. Most of the blades of imported Kitchen Scissors are obtuse, which requires a little more effort to cut the ingredients. If you prefer a lighter blade that is easier to use, choose domestic. If you want Kitchen Scissors to last longer, imported obtuse scissors would be more appropriate.

No matter where you buy Kitchen Scissors, focus on these tips and you'll find the right scissors for you.

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