What are the essentials of Handbag making?

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As an important way for product promotion and corporate image display, Handbag helps consumers to identify the product information of the company and stimulate their purchase desire, thus increasing the sales of the product and the brand awareness of the company.

Handbag material

The basic purpose of Handbag is to hold or protect goods, so you should always consider the material selection when making it. The material of paper Handbag is generally 157g and 200g coated paper. If you need to use for heavier items, you can choose 300g coated paper or more than 300g cardstock printing. On this basis, can also be covered by film or subfilm to increase the strength.

Handbag's product positioning

Product positioning includes brand positioning, consumer positioning and value positioning. When designing a Handbag, they should assume a target and think about their values and aesthetic so that they have a soul. They should also compare their design with that of other brands that are of the same class, variety, or value orientation to find out their own niche.

Handbag design style

The design style of Handbag includes the font, tone, picture, typography, etc. It is a good idea for a designer to research a few good pieces before designing and to establish and strengthen their distinction on Handbag, and to give their product a unique value proposition and soul.

Handbag wants to print out the proof

After comparing the design of Handbag from a distance and a close look, it is not 100% accurate. The most accurate thing is to print out the prototype, make the actual appearance, and review and confirm it constantly!

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